"Extremely efficient and trustworthy. She went above and beyond all that was necessary in preparing my home for sale. She worked very hard and tirelessly in cleaning up “loose ends”. She went beyond all my expectations! She is extremely easy to work with and talk to. I feel as though I have gained a friend and even though I have moved from the area, I would like to believe that we will stay in touch as time goes on.

I highly recommend her services with complete confidence to anyone in need of buying or selling a home. With respect and many thanks."


"We completely trust her intuition and experience and highly recommend Diana Legate"

"We worked with Diana Legate spring of 2022 to sell our Bay Area condo. She is an incredible professional who went above and beyond every step of the way to complete the process in the sale of our home.

Diana worked with my mother nine years ago in the purchase of her home and we knew she was knowledgeable of the neighborhoods in Contra Costa County and that she would be the best person to work with us.  Her expert advice as to what needed to be done to prepare the property made a significant difference in making our home explicitly desirable for potential buyers.

Diana was very patient and understanding in answering any questions we had and she made the entire process go smoothly and swiftly!  We completely trust her intuition and experience and highly recommend Diana Legate."

Emily Manson and Greg Spickard

"Diana's help getting the place ready to sell was invaluable."

"Diana Legate is one of the best agents I've ever worked with. [AS a former agent myself.] She listens to what you want, goes out of her way [Picked me up at the airport and returned me after, found a hotel and found excellent prospects to look at.

She works exceptionally hard on both ends of the deal, as we both bought and sold through her. Diana's help getting the place ready to sell was invaluable.

She over saw the repairs and cleaning of the place. Thank you for your help!"

B & V Kanna

"Diana went above and beyond what any real estate agent would do in many ways."

"I hired Diana Legate of J. Rockcliff Realtors in March 2013 to sell my mother's house in Pleasant Hill. Diana went above and beyond what any real estate agent would do in many ways.

My husband and I were working on clearing all the stuff out of the house and told Diana it would take some months to complete. She was very patient as we slowly worked on it, and she helped us by using her own vehicle to haul away numerous truckloads to the dump or Goodwill.

Diana also recommended a gardener to begin fixing up the landscaping and helped us pick out plants to fill in some places. She found someone to remove two tree stumps in the backyard. Then, amazingly, she purchased and spread grass seed in the former stump area in the lawn and came to the house every day (sometimes twice a day) to water the area. This resulted in a beautifully filled in lawn by the time the house reached market.

Once we finally finished clearing everything out in mid-August, Diana went into high gear to get inspections done and hire contractors for repairs, cleaning and painting. She stayed in close contact with us at all times, helping us decide priorities for the home improvements. The house was gorgeous when it went on the market in early September.

Diana was also instrumental in determining that the square footage of the house was actually greater than listed in the County records. We had a blueprint of a house addition and she noticed the discrepancy on the plans. She contacted the City and County and was able to list the correct size as 1700 instead of 1500 square feet. This raised the asking price and ultimately the selling price, which was 8.5% over the asking price.

I would definitely recommend Diana Legate for anyone wishing to sell a house."

Wendy L. Cohen

"If you're thinking of buying or selling a home immediately contact Diana!"

"In September 2013, I was relocated across the country from California to South Carolina on very short notice. My new employer selected a realtor and priced my home for sale at a very high price of $580,000. The company realtor then charged me several thousand dollars for minor home repairs and what was "Supposed" to be a deep cleaning.

During December 2013, I made a surprise visit to my unsold CA. home and found it in complete shambles! The promised work was not completed and the home was filthy! There were even multiple scratch marks, etc. in what was a new paint job from May 2013. I tried several times over 4 days to contact the realtor to no avail, and therefore fired that realtor!

I immediately called Diana who dropped what she was doing and came immediately over to my home to assess the situation! Knowing I only had 48 hours before I had to leave, she sat right there with me, created a whole action plan, contacted competent and reasonably priced repairmen, went out and helped me find new faucets, buy paint, supplies, missing items, etc. and even pitched in to help with repairs! Within those 48 hours, she had a great start on repairs, multiple damaged items replaced, and a completely new marketing plan in place to sell my home for $565,000.

Diana then held (2) broker tours and an open house within the first week to get inputs from the area experts on what else may needed to be done! She would call me daily with detailed updates and recommendations. When she found something else which needed repaired, replaced, etc. she put the approved costs on her own credit card rather than wait for funds from me.

If the above wasn't enough, Diana now had to combat the perception that something was wrong with my home because it had been on the market for nearly 3 months with no offers. Instead of making excuses, Diana held weekly open houses, checked my home often, cleaned, took out any trash, and continuously looked for cheap and effective ways to enhance my home's curb appeal. When an FHA approved buyer wanted to buy my home, she even worked with the bank and HOA to get the approval process started! Within 2 months, we had over 6 valid offers and my home is now in escrow at our asking price of $565,000!

If you're thinking of buying or selling a home immediately contact Diana! Don't waste your time or money with other realtors who promise the world and fail to deliver. Diana not only delivers, but she does it with honestly, a personal touch, and she treats you like you are part of her family, which you are! She's the best, so I say run, don't walk or hesitate, and immediately hire Diana if you want to buy or sell a home! Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to give me a call!"

Bob Weiss

"Thank you, Diana."

"Diana Legate knows how to make a home buying dream a reality. Talk about dynamic energy. In an real estate market in 2013 that trumped my every offer with at least fifteen others, Diana's expertise, determination, creativity and optimism, brought my dream to fruition. I love walking into my new home every day. Diana's professionalism and dedication to her clients is exceptional and in the process she proves herself to be more than a realtor but a real friend. Thank you, Diana."

Jean Hunt

"What I appreciate most about Diana is that she is a hard worker and absolutely trustworthy."

"I have had the pleasure of working with Diana Legate twice. The first time was over 20 years ago to buy my first home. The process went so smoothly that I called her again to sell it and buy my current home.

Diana has many years of experience in this very volatile area and thus is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market. She educated me and gave me some excellent suggestions on how to make my home more appealing to prospective buyers. She hosted some very successful open houses and created a website that presented my place in a sellable way. She was so on top of it, that I received 16 offers and escrow closed without a hitch (I also got way above the asking price)!

What I appreciate most about Diana is that she is a hard worker and absolutely trustworthy. She goes above and beyond what is expected. When I needed someone to wait for the dishwasher repairman, Diana volunteered. When I was in the process of moving boxes, Diana was there with her son and her vehicle to help me out. When I needed help with some minor repairs, Diana had qualified people to recommend.

Diana is also very good at dealing with people. Buying and selling a home can be very stressful and difficult at times. Her long time experience has given her understanding, patience and an ability to handle the many personalities that are involved in this process. She helped me feel comfortable and confident that this major life event would end in a satisfying manner.

Choosing Diana to help you through this process will be a decision you will not regret. If you have any questions, I will be happy to talk with you."

Katherine Hudson

"We highly recommend her to anyone selling or purchasing a home today."

"To help settle our mother's trust, we hired Diana Legate to sell her duplex in Lafayette. This sale was not an easy task as there were title issues within the trust, anxious renters and emotional issues as well. Diana not only sold this property for top dollar, but took such care in early preparation of information gathering, staging, marketing and most importantly opened a pre-escrow to meet any trust or title issues head-on. She even went to court to represent our family and got the title issues resolved! Diana offered outstanding service above and beyond the norm as she kept us educated and fully informed during this entire process. She even met with the renters and resolved all anxiety issues with them. Diana has many strengths in the real estate field, but one of her greatest is in simply listening very carefully to her clients, potential buyers and all concerned about the sale of the property, then giving the best alternatives and advise to each concern and meeting each challenge with a "can-do" attitude. Diana was with us every step of the way and did an outstanding job! We highly recommend her to anyone selling or purchasing a home today."

Nancy Degger and Deeann Del Rio

"We have a house today because of HER boldness and commitment to find us a fair priced house in this crazy real estate market."

"We very highly recommend Diana Legate, a wonderful, aggressive (the good way) real estate agent. When we met her, we had been house-shopping for six months with another agent and had nothing to show for our effort. We agreed to work with Diana and she quickly won us over with her tireless effort, responsiveness, and honest assessments of houses (good points and bad). She returned our phone calls and emails, was ready to meet us any time at any house, constantly updated us on new houses coming on the market, and listened carefully to what we wanted. After only two months of intense house searching, she found us a house in Lafayette. We love it! We would never have gotten it without Diana. She convinced us to offer LESS than we intended. We didn't think our offer would be taken seriously, but she did it! We have a house today because of HER boldness and commitment to find us a fair priced house in this crazy real estate market. We absolutely love our new house. It was a great pleasure to work to work with Diana. We would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in buying a house."

Robert Brundage and Gin Pang

"Diana was with us every step of the way, and she even helped us pack!"

"Diana Legate is the epitome of real estate agents! She recently sold our home, the same one she helped us locate and purchase in 1997. She sold it quickly and we got top dollar. Diana makes sensible, intelligent decisions about every aspect of her business and is an excellent problem solver. In fact, she addresses issues before they even become problems. Diana is tenacious and has an abundance of energy that transcends everything she does. One of her greatest strengths lies in the step-by-step pre-sale work she performs, not only preparing and staging the home for sale, but preparing the seller and the market as well. She constantly educated us and kept us well informed throughout the selling process and her attention to detail was incredible. Diana was with us every step of the way, and she even helped us pack!"

Rudy and Nancy Degger

"Diana Legate is an absolute powerhouse!"

"Diana Legate is an absolute powerhouse! I highly encourage anyone looking or a home to get Diana Legate. Besides being one of the most professional and intelligent people I have met, she is also one of the most compassionate and caring. She brings a splendid combination of vast realty experience with a true knack for understanding the detailed essences that her client (me) needs in a home. Her rapport was unsurpassed. Though she and I had not known each other before I was seeking a home, I felt I had a friend helping me soon after I met her. I relate Diana representing me to Barry Bonds going to bat. You know she's going to hit a home run. Except that her batting average is a lot higher than Bonds'.

I had zero experience in realty going into the process. Not only did she take me for an exciting ride, but she taught me a hell of a lot on the way. She made sure I was making the decisions, but well informed ones. My situation was a challenging one: I am only 25, recently out of college, have a single income (which is limited, especially in Contra Costa County), and I didn't have much reserve money to work with. But she found an incredible deal for me and then completed it. In Diana's hands, I never felt uncomfortable during the large commitment I undertook in buying my first home. I only hope Diana never retires so that I may enlist her services in future realty endeavors."

Nick S.

"We will surely recommend you whenever possible and hope our paths cross in the future."

"...it is very important for you to know how much you helped us during our house hunting and how much we very much appreciate all that you did. I don't think there was ever a time when you put me off when I needed something... You were always available for showing and sending documents and especially for taking extensive photos of all the houses we asked about. I know you couldn't do all that you do unless you were thoroughly organized and techno-savvy, so for that I am truly grateful and you inspire me to be that way also.

Thanks so very much for the great job you did for us and for the gifts that you brought by.

We will surely recommend you whenever possible and hope our paths cross in the future."

Barb Vorce

"She got me top dollar for my place and for that I am eternally grateful!"

"If you want the best realtor in Contra Cost County look no further then Diana Legate.

To call her a "doer" is an understatement, she is tireless.

From finding another realtor for me, in an area I wanted to move to, (outside of the Bay Area), to returning my Comcast "box" to them when I forgot to,

to getting my condo in "saleable" condition by her fabulous crew of workers, to even bringing me free boxes to put my stuff in, her attention to detail is unmatched.

She got me top dollar for my place and for that I am eternally grateful!

Thanks Diana!"

Steven S.

"Diana is always on top of things and misses no detail."

"I have know Diana for 20+ years. She has represented me as a buyer and as a seller, my latest transaction being during COVID-19.

Diana is very professional, knowledgeable and has a firm command of the market. Diana is always on top of things and misses no detail. She returns call promptly, is extremely organized and very patient.

Diana is a pleasure to work with. She really cares about her clients and wants them to be happy above all."

Siobhan B.

"Throughout the process Diana provided wonderful advice to us and coached us through some difficult decisions."

"From the first conversation we had with Diana until the day we closed and got the keys to our new home, Diana was extremely supportive. As first time home buyers we had a lot to learn about our preferences and about the housing market in general. Diana was knowledgeable, professional, and got to know our style very quickly which helped to find the home that fit us the most. Throughout the process Diana provided wonderful advice to us and coached us through some difficult decisions. We felt like Diana had our best interest throughout the process and she was very patient with us. Buying a home is already a difficult process, but it is even more difficult during a global pandemic. Diana worked through all of the new regulations and kept everyone safe along the way! We would highly recommend Diana and would work with her again."

Sepeedeh C. and Omeed M.